Discretionary Wealth Management

Discretionary Wealth Management

Private Investment Management Group

Personalized portfolio management was recently only an option available to a privileged few. Our Private Investment Management Group, providing discretionary portfolio management, makes this opportunity a lot more accessible. The convenience, peace of mind, and undivided attention that comes with having your own dedicated Portfolio Manager, is now an option that you can choose.

We are one of the few organizations in Canada authorized to provide complete discretionary portfolio management to our clients. The distinguished Portfolio Manager designation is reserved only for those of our advisors who have attained the highest standards of training and experience in the financial industry.

How It Works

  • We examine your personal situation
    Your Portfolio Manager assesses your investment objectives, risk tolerance, financial goals and tax situation, as well as any other personal circumstances pertinent to your financial future.
  • We create your personal Investment Policy Statement
    This document is the outline that guides the management of your investments. It describes the allocation of assets and any restrictions applicable to your portfolio.
  • We act to fulfill your investment objectives
    Based on your personalized Investment Policy Statement, we build a portfolio to suit your needs and adjust it over time, as necessary.
  • We stay in touch
    Our reporting to you is comprehensive, including detailed statements every month and reviews of your holdings each quarter. Personal meetings with your Portfolio Manager can be arranged as often as necessary.


Professional Discretionary Portfolio Management